About Us

About Us

Stonehaven is a leading global alternative asset placement agent platform founded in 2001. The Firm is entirely management owned, giving it complete independence to continue pursuing its entrepreneurial approach.

Our Platform

Stonehaven’s platform serves as a nexus between select investment opportunities and the institutional investment community. The Firm’s dynamic structure fosters and ever-evolving stable of distinctive managers to match the demand across the diverse investor community.

Our Infrastructure

The Firm’s core infrastructure enhances the potential for success in the capital raising process for all participants with a focus on achieving industry best practices, maintaining a strong compliance backbone as a registered broker dealer, and harnessing innovative technology.

Our Standards

Stonehaven is committed to the highest ethical and regulatory standards, which is demonstrated through its well-defined protocols and conservative approach to the alternative investment industry.

Our Guiding Principles

Everything we do at Stonehaven is guided by a set of principles that define our organization’s character and culture.

Our Guiding Principles

Everything we do at Stonehaven is guided by a set of principles that define our organization’s character and culture.

Partner With Best In Breed

Focus on highly differentiated investment managers with a sustainable edge and world class team.

Strategically Position Clients

Help managers strategically position themselves, and then drive their growth through deep market penetration focused on the optimal audience at each stage of their development.

Share Insights

Add value to investors’ investment process by providing unique product & market insights through intensive upfront & ongoing research.

Build Robust Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the foundation upon which everything is built. Invest heavily in technology, systems & people to be a leader in the industry.

Make Ethical Decisions

All business practices should reflect our strong ethical and compliance-centric posture. Apply the golden rule to all business decisions.  In a world full of grey, we choose to err on the side of white.

Empower Our Team

We empower all members of our team to be leaders in their respective roles while focusing on group achievement.

Be Entrepreneurial

Build and sustain a highly entrepreneurial culture by embracing intelligent change and always seeking new ways to add value.

Earn a Strong Reputation

A strong reputation is earned by consistently exceeding expectations while remaining professional and humble.

Build Strong Relationships

The strength and success of our business is derived from long-term relationships with managers, investors, Affiliate Partners, service providers and industry participants built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

Work Hard

There are no shortcuts to building a strong and sustainable business. With our vision pointed in the right direction, our strong work ethic will determine the majority of our success.

Stonehaven has received industry recognition for our success in the marketplace.

Stonehaven has received industry recognition for our success in the marketplace.

HFM Awards 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
HFM Awards


“Stonehaven’s core infrastructure enhances the potential for success of the capital raising process.”

– David Frank | CEO & Managing Partner


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Stonehaven pursues best practices for managing every component of our infrastructure to facilitate high quality growth on a solid foundation with a dedicated operations team.

The Firm consistently invests resources into improving capabilities and streamlining informational exchange between all relevant parties to create intelligent efficiencies.  Stonehaven’s goal for both capital raisers and managers is to run a turnkey framework built to scale across all aspects of the capital raising process. Stonehaven’s operations engine runs based on a highly customized, cloud-based database architecture that facilitates managing deliverables and project pipelines.  The database reports real-time to management and is updated constantly to reflect insights into how to enhance the Firm’s operations.  Interconnected applications and reports expedite the Firm’s ability to dynamically optimize workflows to remain focused on key priorities. Integrated sales pipeline management across the platform is a core competency of Stonehaven.  Managers benefit from a wide-scale coordinated effort with synchronized activities and transparent reporting. The platform is supported across all domains by a stable of handpicked, strategically integrated service providers, each recognized as established leaders in their respective fields of expertise.