Stonehaven is an industry leading capital raising firm focused on hedge funds, private equity, real estate, venture capital, and long-only strategies.

First-Class Sourcing & Distribution

The firm’s open architecture and robust infrastructure enable investment opportunities to be sourced and distributed by Stonehaven’s internal team and our Affiliate Partners.

Trusted Global Network

The firm’s deep global network of trusted relationships includes public & corporate pensions, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, fund of funds, financial institutions, consultants, advisors, family offices, and HNWIs.

Delivering Long-Term Value

Investment managers and investors benefit from a comprehensive and professional approach with emphasis on consistently adding value to build & preserve long-term relationships.


Stonehaven partners with innovative investment managers to raise capital and play a strategic business development role.

The Firm has been intimately involved in helping build many firms in a wide variety of investment strategies. The Firm leverages this experience, a successful & steadfast distribution team, a robust infrastructure, and an entrepreneurial mindset to help guide firms through the process of effectively building a long term asset base. Our comprehensive process includes:
Pre-Market Preparation

Before initiating the capital raising process, Stonehaven:

  • Advises on investment vehicle structure, business strategy & infrastructure.
  • Develops a tailored capital raising strategy including market positioning, communication approach & target investor demographics.
  • Assists with the preparation & fine-tuning of marketing materials and message.
  • Determines the appropriate mix of capital raising professionals to be involved in the mandate & pre-approves investors to approach.
Ongoing Execution
Stonehaven proactively manages the pipeline of live mandates through the entire sales cycle, coordinating with our managers to maximize the capital raise. The team remains engaged in relationships with introduced investors and assists managers in developing & enhancing client support. We are aligned with managers to retain capital and win follow-on commitments.

Stonehaven actively identifies demand across our extensive global network of investor relationships, runs frequent domestic & international roadshows, hosts group conference calls, coordinates due diligence efforts, pursues & processes investor feedback, prioritizes prospects, and drives the sales process through final closings. With a manager’s approval, Stonehaven can help selectively engage with the press to help build a manager’s brand through earned media in a compliant manner. The Firm also helps managers optimize their capital raising process based on insights and investor feedback. All interactions with prospective investors are tracked using our proprietary database framework developed to provide high quality and current reporting and optimize all efforts of both capital raisers and managers in closing transactions.

Reporting & Analytics

Stonehaven has invested thousands of hours building proprietary technology within our cloud computing platform to manage every aspect of our business.  Stonehaven’s sales team maintains detailed records of every interaction with the marketplace within our technology platform.  This gives our sales team great insights into how to prioritize their activity, and it provides our management team deep transparency with robust dashboard analytics to help dynamically optimize sales objectives.  Our managers benefit from real-time detailed reporting of all material sales interactions in weekly consolidated reports as well as additional ongoing analytics to remain in sync with our efforts.


Stonehaven believes strong investor relationships are cultivated by delivering high quality, thoroughly researched, differentiated investment ideas while using a consultative approach and providing excellent customer service.

Stonehaven always seeks to deepen industry relationships by consistently sourcing high quality opportunities and providing truly insightful perspective to the ever changing markets. Our broad scope of activity globally across hedge funds, private equity, real estate, venture capital, deal-specific private placements and long-only give us a rounded & diverse perspective in analyzing & comparing investment opportunities with investors.
Professional Counterparty

Stonehaven places a significant emphasis on earning a strong reputation by consistently exceeding expectations while remaining professional and humble. We recognize that trust is earned over time by:

  • Respecting your time
  • Keeping your information confidential
  • Using your feedback to dynamically adjust our approach to coverage

We never lose sight of your position as an investor, including the myriad of choices you are presented with and your duty as a fiduciary. We approach every element of the sales process with an ethical mindset which is supported by our compliance-centric framework.  See Guiding Principals.

Market Insights

Stonehaven strives to add value to allocators’ investment process by providing unique product and market insights through intensive upfront and ongoing research and due diligence.  We try to understand the investment preferences and due diligence process of our investors to anticipate their needs and only deliver products that we believe are suitable and worthy of their consideration.  We always seek to be the most informed market participant on any investment opportunity we represent. We are aligned with investors to source managers that produce compelling risk-adjusted returns and retain capital through stable stewardship.

Sourcing & Screening
Stonehaven’s long standing reputation and credibility are based on maintaining very high standards for the managers we represent. We seek to partner with investment managers who possess the following characteristics:
  • Exceptional investment talent with a proven pedigree, history of prior success, impeccable reputation & a strong work ethic.
  • Differentiated investment approach with a definable & repeatable edge.
  • High risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to broader markets.
  • Strong investment & operational risk controls.
  • Strategy that we believe will work well going forward given the economic environment & market dynamics.
  • Institutional infrastructure that will scale with asset growth.
  • Positive and constructive attitude towards the capital raising process & LP relationship management.
Due Diligence
Stonehaven conducts rigorous investment & operational due diligence on managers and their investment products. We believe it is imperative that we are the foremost expert on the managers we represent in the marketplace, so we invest the time upfront to make sure we truly know our managers. We provide candid feedback to our managers based on our work and feel that it is critical to communicate insightful views to our investor network.

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