In 2012 Stonehaven entered its 12th year of business as a leading global alternative placement agent. It was a breakthrough year for Stonehaven in many ways with strong placement activity, robust sales activity, additional members added to the team (both at the internal level in operations as well as Affiliate Partners), significant growth in the product portfolio, material improvements in all aspects of our infrastructure, and strong momentum heading into 2013 with significant growth plans on the horizon. Placement Activity:
  • Raised $560M in 2012 across 10 investment managers
  • $234M raised in the first two months of 2013
  • Over $1B raised since beginning of 2011.
  • Crossed threshold of $500M raised with securitized credit manager, helping them grow to approximately $1.5B with continued strong growth on horizon.
  • Hard closed long-biased MLP fund at year-end after hard closing market-neutral MLP fund for the same manager in 2011. Stonehaven raised over 50% of capital for both funds.
  • Contributed to the closings of two real estate funds and already engaged in work to raise follow-on funds.
  • Contributed to the closings of multiple individual real estate transactions with two separate managers.
Sales Activity:
  • Ran approximately 40 global roadshows in 2012.
  • Arranged approximately 1000 meetings/calls between investors & managers in 2012.
Affiliate Partner Growth:
  • LS Group / Lynn Swann
  • Redan Capital, LLC / James J. Gallagher, Jr.
  • Singular Global / Adam Sayler
Product Growth:
  • Added 7 new asset managers to platform.
  • Advised on structuring of large scale real estate development in Denver to be rolled out the marketplace in ’13.
  • Hired Domenic Miele, Vice President of Operations, to expand operational capabilities.
  • Planned to hire Financial Controller early in ‘13.
  • Significant investments into technology, accounting, and compliance infrastructure.
Stonehaven is off to a strong start in 2013 with plans to greatly expand the platform in all dimensions.  

About Stonehaven, LLC Stonehaven is an industry leading global placement agent focused on hedge funds, private equity, real estate, venture capital, private placements, and long‐only strategies.  Stonehaven’s platform serves as a nexus between select investment opportunities and the institutional investment community with a talented capital raising team and robust infrastructure. The Firm’s dynamic structure fosters an ever‐ evolving stable of distinctive managers to match the demand across the diverse investor community. Founded in 2001 by CEO David Frank, the Firm is entirely management owned, giving it complete independence to continue pursuing its entrepreneurial approach while maintaining the highest ethical and regulatory standards.