Strategy Focus:

Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Private Credit, Real Estate, Direct Deals

Hunter Thompson

Managing Principal

Mr. Hunter Thompson is the Managing Partner of Asym Capital. Mr. Thompson has a background in economics that has allowed him to achieve a holistic approach to analyzing real estate data and has also led him to a unique perspective on out-of-state investing. The goal of his business is to help clients invest in passive cash flow opportunities that provide a healthy return on investment, without the headaches associated with the stock market's volatility.

Mr. Thompson has analyzed and closed residential real estate acquisitions, hard money loans, bridge financing opportunities, commercial and residential syndications, mobile home parks, retail opportunities, and syndicated office space investments. He has worked with multiple asset teams across several geographic locations in the US and Canada. Mr. Thompson’s main priority is establishing an extremely diverse portfolio without exposing the client's capital to unnecessary risk.

Mr. Thompson excels at analyzing real estate data with his economic background. Asym Capital specializes in assisting investors seeking passive cash flow-focused real estate investments across multiple-geographic locations. Mr. Thompson is an active member of Forbes Real Estate Council. It is an invitation-only organization for executives in the real estate industry.

Mr. Thompson graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in BA, Political Science.

Mr. Thompson has series 63 and 22 registrations with FINRA.

Tyler Lyons

Director of Investments

Tyler Lyons is an active real estate professional and the Director of Investments at Asym Capital, where he helps investors to invest passively in commercial real estate alongside world class real estate operators. At Asym Capital, Mr. Lyons is responsible for investor relations, fund management, and due diligence for new investment opportunities. Mr. Lyons also has extensive experience investing passively in private placements covering many different asset types, including multi-family, senior living and other non-real estate alternative assets.

Mr. Lyons prior to starting his tenure at Asym Capital, was Director of Corporate Finance for Herman Miller, a large and publicly traded manufacturing company. Prior to that, he worked for many years as an auditor at Deloitte, a Big 4 public accounting firm. 

Mr. Lyons is a Certified Public Accountant(CPA). Mr. Lyons had his education from Central Michigan University in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting .

Mr. Lyons currently have series 22 registration with FINRA.